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Lets talk about books

Neue Forenthemen

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What are your favourite books
Here are mine
First of all I like to read about mystery, be it my mystery or someone else's mystery. Later I might even tell you about the book titles
oh well Dan Brown's books are a mystery, I read "Da Vinci Code", "Illuminati" but I still have "Diabolus" on my desk. And I also have J.R.R.Tolkien's 3 books, actually they have been here for more than 14 years. I read the first few pages and just couldnt continue.
That seems to be my sickness. I read "Catch 22" when I was still a teenager, and didnt finish it, cant remember the reason. In any case I ordered the book 20 years ago and havent started reading it yet. In 2013 I thought I would read some of those books I had started reading and I read a few and also finished a few depending whether its cheap literature or otherwise.
Now your turn.