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März 2015

Neue Forenthemen

About us

Neurotic corner

Are you a bit neurotic, feel like criticising everything, then this is your corner.
Your like minded will soon join you.
Criticise whatever you feel is not right.


Did I forget something, please let me know.

Thank you.

MongoDB The Definitive Guide

I ordered this one end of January 2015 as I took a course on MongoDB but I didnt have enough time to continue with this materie.
We will see what the year will bring, I might continue.

Lets talk about books

What are your favourite books
Here are mine
First of all I like to read about mystery, be it my mystery or someone else's mystery. Later I might even tell you about the book titles
oh well Dan Brown's books are a mystery, I read "Da Vinci Code", "Illuminati" but I still have "Diabolus" on my desk. And I also have J.R.R.Tolkien's 3 books, actually they have been here for more than 14 years. I read the first few pages and just couldnt continue.

Tell a story

Hhmm you have a story to tell, ok, we are all ears, go ahead...


We love to hear eloquent people, say something even if its an empty vessel, we will let it pass and read.
Thats it.


Sali zämme
Herzlich willkommen, Ich bi die Afroswiss

Freue mi das ich hier sein darf

about us

Audienz is an oase for feeling good, where people meet, exchange and just have fun.

Yep Im all ears

Psst. Do you know the latest news, something big and interesting is gonna happen. I cant wait, but Im excited.
Tell it to the world Im just whispering.

Chit Chat

Audienz is a place where people can exchange about their environment or whatever they feel like talking about. Good place to be.
Meet your friends and have a virtual coffee. Go ahead tell it to the virtual world. We are listening.